MCCU Annual Report - page 117

The business of the Credit Union shall be conducted by the Board of Directors, which
shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Credit Union. The major functions
of the Board of Directors are as follows:
Overall leadership, direction and control of the affairs of the Credit Union.
Development of policies to guide the successful operations of the Organization.
Deciding on the long-term goals and objectives of the Organization and planning for
its achievement.
Reporting to members at Annual General Meetings.
Ensuring that the Credit Union’s Rules, the Co-operative Societies Act and Regulations,
the rules of the League and other relevant legislation are complied with.
Recommending amendments to Rules.
Ensuring the provision of competent and adequate personnel and facilities for efficient
operation of the Credit Union.
Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the Credit Union.
Ensuring that members’ funds and the assets of the Credit Union are adequately
Appointing relevant committees to assist the Board’s functioning
Equipping themselves with the requisite skills and knowledge to effectively perform
their functions.
Attending the requisite courses for certification as Credit Union Professionals.
Board of Directors
& Committees
Roles of the
Board of Directors
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