MCCU Annual Report - page 120

The Chairman shall have, in addition to his ordinary vote, a “Casting Vote” in the case
of inequality votes.
If there is an equality of votes on an amendment, and if the Chair does not exercise
his casting vote, the amendment is lost.
The Chairman shall make provisions for the protection of members from vilification
(personal abuse.)
No member shall impute improper motivates against the Chairman, Board of Directors,
Officers of the Confederation or any other member.
Fit and Proper Criteria for
Credit Union Directors and Of cers
What is the Fit and Proper Criteria?
Requirement of the Bank of Jamaica Credit Union Regulations seeks to ensure that persons
elected as Directors or officers of a Credit Union:-
Are competent, diligent and able to exercise sound judgement.
Have not been convicted of an offence involving honesty and are not Un-
discharged Bankrupts.
Have employment records free of acts of dishonesty or impropriety in the
handling of financial affairs.
Fit and Proper Requirements for Credit Union Directors and Of cers
How does the process work?
Notification of persons elected as Directors and Officers at a AGM or
appointed by a committee and forwarded to the Supervisor.
The Supervisor will assess the fitness of the persons.
The Supervisor will advise the Credit Union if any person does not meet the
fit and proper criteria.
The Credit Union is then required to terminate the appointment of the
affected person.
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