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Making provisions for the unexpected is important. At
Manchester Co-op Credit Union we provide affordable
security for you and your family through the Family
Indemnity Plan. This insurance covers up to six (6)
persons and pays cash upon death of member or other
eligible family members
Loan available for purchase of vehicles up to 10
years old
Repayment terms of up to 7 years
Competitive loan rates
Motor Vehicle insurance coverage available.
Loan Protection insurance up to 1,200,000.00*
*Conditions apply
Offered by Sagicor.
Contact our Member Service Departments for details
Facilitates money transfers from the Caribbean and
the United States
Funds can be sent directly to Credit Union accounts
Borrow up to 95% of your Savings
Enjoy a low interest rate on the reducing balance
Approval of loan within 24 hours
Hassle free
Loan available for any legal purpose
Free Life Savings & Loan Protection Insurance.
Earn interest on your savings while it is held as
security for the loan.
*Conditions Apply
This bridal registry gives couples the chance to invest in
their future together by having family, friends and well-
wishers give cash gifts rather than the traditional gifts of
yester year.
To purchase vehicles for Public transport operators (Taxi
Drivers, Bus Operators) andOperators of other commercial
vehicles ( GoodsTruck, RefrigeratedTrucks)
Borrow from$800,000.00 up to $2million
Financing available for Vehicles up to 8 years old
Up to 5 years to repay
MinimumShare Requirement 15%
Weekly andMonthly payments allowed
Builds savings while loan is being repaid
With minimum share requirement of 10%, members
may access up to $10 million towards the purchase of
property, construction or as a home equity loan. Up to
20 years to repay at competitive interest rates
Now you can have ongoing access to credit in a timely,
hassle free and affordable way. With the Moni-Tree Line
of Credit you gain easy access to credit without the
need to make multiple applications. Once your loan is
approved, you can access the funds using your Access
Plus ATM Card or by making a withdrawal at any of our
branches. Enjoy continuous access to funds that fall
within your credit limit.
*Conditions apply
The Family
Indemnity Plan
Loan Options
Motor Vehicle
Sagicor Health
Secure 24
Same Day,
Low Interest Loan
Union of Love
Bridal Registry
Commercial Auto
Business Solutions –
Real Estate
Moni-Tree Line
of Credit
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