MCCU Annual Report - page 12

With respect to the plant, the Chairman said that this issue is always at the forefront of the
minds of the Board and management, but Mandeville is not one of the easiest place to find
property for expansion. He further stated that some of the properties that were looked at
were going for over $125 million just for the empty lots. Therefore, we have to make sure
that when we talk about the expansion of the physical plant, we understand the cost, but we
also have to look at the extent to which technology can be used to deal with the growing
membership. He said we have to look at the use of technology to see how best we could
mitigate those issues.
The Chairman extended welcome to Mrs. Phueona Reynolds from Centralized Strategic Services
Mr. Kenneth Grant asked for an update on the implementation of delinquency management
system, as well as an update on the integration of the Porus operations into the Mandeville
branch and the fact that an ATM was promised for the Porus area at a previous meeting.
The General Manager, Mrs. Cynthia Briscoe responded that the Porus operation was transferred
to the Mandeville branch on April 02, 2013, and although there were some challenges, it was
in most part good. She further informed the meeting that there was a dedicated line at the
Mandeville branch for the Porus members and they have been utilizing it. As it related to the
ATM, she said that we were in the process in finding a suitable location as well as carrying
out surveys. Mrs. Briscoe further stated that on the matter of the delinquency management
system, discussions had started with the relevant provider as there was a time-frame set in
the Goal Action Plan as to when it should be done.
Mr. Grant further stated that the point was made at the meeting in Porus that in announcing
the closure of the branch the members should have been told that an ATM would be put in
place the next day; instead at this stage they were being told that a suitable location was
being sought. He said it appeared that a very low priority was placed on that endeavour and
suggested that every effort be made to see what could be done within three (3) months as
the members were being inconvenienced. The Chairman, Rev. Gardner informed him that
this would be looked into.
Mr. Hubert Renford said that he was glad to know that there were plans to expand the parking
lot at the Christiana branch as parking there could be a challenging at times. Mr. Renford
also asked if a special line could be put in place for senior citizens in Christiana, especially
on the month ends.
Mrs. Briscoe, through the Chairman, informed Mr. Renford that this would be put in place by
the following week.
Mr. Michael Walker commented on the alliance with the pharmacy and said that he had not
gotten a discount card. Rev. Gardner informed him that cards are issued to members when
they go to the branches and that the notices were posted in the Credit Union and other
places. The Chairman further informed him that he would need to have an ATM card to get
a discount card in order to use it at the pharmacy.
Mrs. Ruthann Smikle said that, with the age that we are in, the Credit Union Manager should
encourage the members to apply for ATM cards. She said some persons have no knowledge
that the cards are available if they are not approached. Mrs. Smikle said that she disagreed
that only person with ATM cards should be given discount cards for the pharmacy and believed
that it should be left open and be offered to all members who wish to access the facility.
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