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Rev. Gardner responded that there are different ways and means to promote a product, but
the problem was to get persons to use the Access Cards and therefore the Credit Union went
into a partnership with the pharmacy. He said that other products could be developed that
every member could utilize, but for this particular one, we were trying to promote the use of
the ATM card in order to get more members to use the card.
Mr. Walford Goodison asked what system was in place to assist the pensioners from Porus
because it was difficult for senior citizen to travel to Mandeville to access their pension. He
further asked what the Credit Union was doing to assist the farmers in Manchester.
Mrs. Briscoe, through the Chairman, responded that there were plans to form alliances with
bill payment entities as well as issuing ATM cards so the seniors could access their funds.
Mr. Goodison said that this system should have been in place from the moment there were
plans to close the Porus branch. Mrs. Briscoe said that the Credit Union was in dialogue with
these entities for a while, but sometimes things do not always work the way they are planned;
however, an agreement should be reached soon.
Regarding the question about the farmers, Mrs. Briscoe informed him that there is a small
business loan that the Credit Union offer to members and a number of members have been
utilizing the product. Rev. Gardner added that over the past two years, loans to farmers
amounted to about $40 million, which means that the farmers have been accessing the facility.
Ms. Pauline Mitchell said that she was deeply concerned for the senior citizens in Porus and
asked that something be put in place for them as they do not know how to use the ATM and
they risk getting robbed.
Rev. Gardner assured her that we would pay particular attention to the pensioners and senior
citizens at all locations and see to it that they are treated special once they entered the
Credit Union.
Mrs. Ruthann Smikle suggested that a pension plan be put in place for low income earners.
Rev. Gardner thanked her for the suggestion/recommendation.
Mrs. Jennifer Barrett-Green expressed thanks on behalf of members to the Board of Directors
and management for the members’ bathroom facility at the Mandeville branch.
On a motion moved by Mr. Kenneth Grant and seconded by Mr. Claude Rattray, the report of the
Board of Directors was adopted.
Credit Committee Report
Despite the challenges, the Organization was able to achieve robust growth in loans during the
year. Delinquency, in the meantime, was kept at manageable levels through the commendable
efforts of the staff and the commitment of the members to honour their obligations.
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