MCCU Annual Report - page 24

Mr. Lincoln Foster said that he was advocating for the AGM to be held on a different day, since there
are persons who worship on different days and would like to be able to attend the meeting. The
Chairman thanked him for his suggestion, but informed him that it was not by accident that the
meeting was being held on a Saturday as we were at a stage of embarrassment at the previous
meeting because of the low turnout of members. He said that the turnout for the meeting was
Mr. Baldwin Smith suggested that something be worked out by the Credit Union for construction
workers, higglers and taxi operators for them to have a pension plan. Rev. Gardner informed him
that the League, through the Credit Union Fund Management Company had been working on
Mr. Steve Nugent said that the Credit Union needed to look in the direction of having a pension plan
for self employed persons as it would be sad if another credit union came to Mandeville and capture
our members because of a pension plan, or lack thereof. The chairman said that this was something
to explore.
Miss Nicole Clarke also asked if a pension plan could be considered for early childhood teachers.
Mr. Kenneth Grant thanked the Chairman and his team for the running of a smooth meeting and
wished the retiring volunteers all the best in their retirement.
The Chairman then invited the new directors to join the others on the platform.
The Board and the other committees were to meet within ten (10) days to elect officers for the
various committees and forward the information to the Department of Co-operatives and Friendly
Societies, the Credit Union League and other institutions.
The new Board of Directors was scheduled to meet on May 7, 2013 at 5:30 p.m.
The General Manager, Mrs. Cynthia Briscoe presented Certificates of Appreciation to all the
volunteers who were retiring. She lauded them for their many years of volunteerism, which
collectively totaled eighty-five (85) years.
Mr. Lenroy Allen, Accounts Manager, assisted by the Marketing team, led the proceedings of the
presentation of prizes to 30 Early Bird winners.
Mrs. Lesline Thomas congratulated everyone who remained until the end of the meeting. She
said that it was one of the best AGM in a long time. She thanked the following individuals and
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