MCCU Annual Report - page 28

Membership Growth
The Credit Union performed creditably in the area of membership growth registering an
impressive number of 1,976 new members. This was above the target of 1,700 and the 5%
industry standard.
The Board is aware of the challenges that our members are faced with each year. We are
however pleased to report that despite the hardship the delinquency rate for the year 2013
was 5.30% slightly above the industry of 5% and 0.42% above that of 2012. Special
thanks to our members who consistently honour their obligations in a timely manner. The
hardworking staff members in the Credit Department as well as the members of the Credit
Committee are also being commended.
The staff complement remained unchanged during the year, however there were two
promotions. Plans are in place to strengthen the Risk & Compliance and Internal Audit Units
during the upcoming year.
Training & Personal Development
The Board is cognizant of the very important role that our staff and volunteers play in
the smooth running of the Organization. Therefore, we continue to facilitate personal
development of both groups during the year. The following are some areas of focus:
Member/Customer Service,POCA/Anti-Money Laundering,Micro-insurance
Financing, Enterprise Risk Management, Marketing and Growth & Project
Management & Techniques
We also had greater involvement in many courses offered
on CPD Online training module and are pleased to report that we are reaping some benefits
from staff members who participated in that aspect of the training. Staff members also
continued with their own personal development and the Credit Union has offered financial
assistance to them as well.
Parking Facilities
The parking lot at the Christiana branch was expanded to accommodate an additional (9)
nine vehicles. Also, in order to address the parking challenges at the Mandeville branch the
municipal parking lot on Hargreaves Avenue in Mandeville was leased from the Manchester
Parish Council. This has created another (20) twenty spaces and is shared by staff and
other members.
Expositions and Speaking Engagements
The Marketing Department participated in the following expositions:
1. Career Day Expos for Knox Community College and Christiana High School.
2. Catholic College of Mandeville’s Spring Conference Expo
3. “Bring It” Car Show
4. Mandeville Wedding Show
5. RJR Cross Country Invasion – Central Region
6. Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s Biz Clinic
7. Spring Ground Missionary Church’s Health Fair
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