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Deposit, Golden Harvest and Partner Plan) and the offering of incentives to members for
having accessed these products.
Back to School Loan Special
The Tuition Plus and Special Education Loans were jointly promoted during the summer
back to school period. This meant that members could borrow up to 10 times their shares
(maximum $500,000.00) to cover school related expenses. Interest rate was set at 19.5%
per annum with up to 3 years to repay.
The various offerings were greatly supported by the members resulting in a positive impact
on the Organization’s performance. For this we say thanks.
International Credit Union Week 2013
International Credit Union (ICU) Week was celebrated from October 13-19, 2013, under the
theme “Credit Unions: Unite for Good. A Better Way.” The Credit Union participated in the
celebrations through the following activities:
1. Church Service at the Trinity Baptist Church, Porus on October 13.
2. Soup & Soap Outreach Programme at the Ebenezer Home for the Mentally
Challenged on October 15.
3. Member Appreciation Day treat and expo at the Christiana and Mandeville
Branches on October 16 and 17, respectively.
4. Treasure Chest Fun Day at the Kirkvine Sports Club on October 18.
Mid Island Chapter Awards Banquet
The awards for member of the year and employee of the Year 2012 were presented to Mr. Eric
Swaby and Mr. Omar Greene, respectively at the Mid Island Chapter of Credit Unions Annual
Awards Banquet. The banquet was hosted by St. Elizabeth Co-op. Credit Union.
Awards & Recognition
The Manchester Co-operative Credit Union once again received top awards from the Jamaica
Co-operative Credit Union League for its performance in the 2012 financial year. These awards
included the Most Outstanding Parish Credit Union, Runner –up for Mega Credit Union and
Parish Credit Union with the Highest Loans Growth. Thanks to you our members who all made
this possible.
Representations (Credit Union League AGM, CCCU Convention & AGM and
Our Credit Union was represented and participated in the meetings convened by the affiliate
bodies during the year.
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