MCCU Annual Report - page 33

To maintain operating expenses at 7% of assets
To attain loan: asset ratio of 55.6%
To grow membership by 5%
To increase youth savers by 15%
The achievements tabulated above were made possible through the continued strong support
from the membership of the Manchester Co-operative Credit Union (1977) Limited. An even
wider base- support would make us still a stronger financial institution with a social and moral
commitment to our client communities. Our aim, as a Board, is to continue the upward trajectory
and maximize the potential benefits financially, socially and educationally of all members and
clients. Your continued support as members is not taken for granted, but valued highly, and
we thank you for remaining as important ‘family’ members.
The Board recognizes and thanks the General Manager, Mrs. Cynthia Briscoe, her management
team and the general staff for the diligent and ‘hands-on’ conduct of business. Thanks to all the
volunteers for their commitment to the assigned tasks and the co-operative spirit displayed.
To all other partners in the co-operative movement, our Auditors, bankers, providers of various
goods and services and all who have helped to keep the Credit Union ‘ship’ afloat, we express
our heartfelt thanks.
The challenges behind us were many and varied, yet together and with God’s guiding hands
we stayed the course. May we, with the steely resolve and that unflinching and unwavering
faith, venture into the next phase of our journey united, strong and committed. God’s blessings.
Rev. Charles Danvers
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