Purpose of Loan

To purchase vehicles for Public transport operators (Taxi Drivers, Bus Operators) and Operators of other commercial vehicles ( Goods Truck, Refrigerated Trucks)

  1. Borrow up to $2,500,000.00 
  2. Financing available for Vehicles up to 8 years old
  3. Up to 5 years to repay
  4. Minimum Share Requirement 15%
  5. Weekly and Monthly payments allowed
  6. Builds savings while loan is being repaid.



Documentation Required

  • Income Verification Documents Required:
    • If Employed : Last three months payslips & Job Letter


  • If the income from the commercial activity will be source of repayment:
  • Profit & Loss statement for the last twelve months and one (1) year cash flow projections to be prepared by a qualified accountant
  • Evidence of having at least one (1) year experience in operating the commercial activity.
  • Motor Vehicle Documents Required:
    • Copies of Fitness, Registration & Title
    • C87 Form (If Just Imported)
    • Pro-Forma Invoice
    • Proof of ownership from registered owner
    • Valuation Report
    • Insurance Quotation

Disclaimer: The terms and conditions of the products are subject to change from time to time. Please confirm the current terms and conditions with a Member Service Representative.