1. Loan available for purchase of vehicles up to 10 years old
  2. Repayment term of up to 8 years
  3. Competitive loan rates
  4. Motor Vehicle insurance coverage available.
  5. Free Life Savings & Loan Protection Insurance*
  6. Loan Protection insurance up to 1,200,000.00*

*Conditions apply


Motor Vehicle Checklist

Please provide the following:

- Proof of Income: - Payslips/check stubs/job letter OR - Financial statement (for self-employed)
- If the vehicle is imported, take in a copy of the C-87 form and Certificate of Fitness from car dealer.
- If the vehicle is registered to an individual or company, car dealer must provide copies of purchase receipt, Vehicle Title, Certificate of Fitness and Registration.
- Take in a valuation report, which should not be older than six (6) months, from a valuator approved by the Credit Union e.g. MSC McKay, Trans Jamaica Loss Adjusters, or Automet (subject to change).
- Letter from insurance company stating the cost of comprehensive insurance for one year and their willingness to note the Credit Union’s interest in the vehicle.
- Upon approval of the Loan, proof of insurance, by way of the cover note and receipt, in an amount adequate to cover the value of the vehicle.
- Open a Premium Builder Account at the Credit Union to cover annual insurance premiums (optional)
- Your TRN

NB- To apply for the loan one MUST be a member of the Credit Union

Disclaimer: The terms and conditions of the products are subject to change from time to time. Please confirm the current terms and conditions with a Member Service Representative.